USAF ,Firemens Coat O.D No 7, 1943 , With Invasion Stripes

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Marked 38 this Quaker Safety Products and manufacturing services Firemans coat is truly unique

I believe that this coat was used very little back during the War, before it was damaged and returned to "Stores". It most likely was left in the Stores indefinitely and later lost in the obsolete stock storage Post War. The fantastic condition of the rest of the coat is down to this historical damage and it's subsequent withdrawal from use. Marked 1943 Production still visible on the label.

The Coat is in great condition apart from some minor historical damage to a sleeve cuff. The sleeve cuff has a matching strap that pulls it closed around the wearers wrist. It looks these have been caught in antiquity and one ripped clear, resulting in a small tear in the sleeve on the right arm wrist underside. It is a 90 degree tear/flap along the weave. It is 2 sides of a triangle 3 inches by 2 inches and is through the outer canvas and the inner pvc type lining. It can be stitched up ok and patched from the inside as no material has been lost. Done correctly it should not be easily visible.

The cuff other strap appears to have been removed with no damage. Whether the straps were dismounted by accident or intentionally and one ripped instead, we do not know. The cuff buckles for the dismounted straps are still fastened ok on their respective straps. One of the removed straps is present and was found in the base of one of the front pockets. The mounting point for this is undamaged. A replacement for the missing one would just be a pattern stitched one from a piece of period matching canvas.

Also there appears to be a nick less than 1cm long on the mid right back area. This would be easily closed and patched up by "darning" or a small patch on the inside. The front LH pocket has 1 of the 3 bottom outer face drainage small brass eyelets missing. A replacement one could be pressed in no problem.Measures 25 inches across the chest laid flat,nape of the neck down to the hem is 39 inches.

The shell other than the mentioned defects is in outstanding condition with very scant evidence of "wear". The removable wool lining is like new. All the press studs and alloy clasps are present and in great condition. The front overlaps with a rear storm type flap to prevent water ingress. The innerside of the Heavy Duty Fine Woven Canvas Shell is completely covered coated in a PVC flexible type of covering, including the large pockets. The Coat is completely impervious to water ingress and is heavy duty but still flexible due to the fine dense weave of the canvas shell. the cuffs have a flexible wool wrist enclosure set back inside the sleeve. The wrist flap would close to fit just beyond this to prevent water ingress.There is a wool removable liner.

The "Invasion" patch on the back is original.... It appears to be painted on, probably by the soldiers themselves or stores issuer? It is 'off centre' and has not faded or cracked . The coat itself is obviously rare, in this condition even rarer, but with invasion stripes it is truly unique